CLP window doesn't show all things

Hi, first, I have to thank Comodo for making this wonderful software, I love them all. (L)

After I install the CPF and CAV, I found out my Comodo Launch Pad window doesn’t show all things, I don’t know if I explain it right, but from the picture I attached, you can see there’s a line of words has been cut off. And I try to re-size the window, but it won’t let me, even though it works well (at least, it can show all the Comodo softwares I installed) Is it because there’s something wrong with my installation? Or it’s something else? I couldn’t only uninstall CPL without uninstall other two, so I didn’t try it yet.

By the way, I am currently use a non-English OS. (Mine is traditional Chinese) Is that anything to do with the problem?

Thanks again. (R)


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Hi Lance and welcome to the Comodo Forums. That is definitely a strange one. I would go ahead and try a reinstallation. I don’t think the OS would have anything to do with it, but sometimes thinngs are funny.


Oh one more thing… Does it cut off the bottom of CPF and CAV as well? What version of CPF did you install? If it was not the beta I might try that also…

Thank you for the reply.

The CPF I “WAS” using is Version, and the CAV is 1.1 beta.
(Due to the problem I encountered with the CAV, I need to uninstall them.
For details, see Computer is locked after auto downloading update!
I want them back :cry: please solve it as soon as possible)
Nothing wrong with the CPF and CAV, just the Launch Pad.
I try to install it again completely, but it’s the same.

Thanks again, and (L)


I also have the CLP not showing the CPF ? .
I have installed the CPF first , then the CAV 2nd . I have uninstall both and reversed the install to the CAV first and then the CPF , same results no where is the CPF to be found in the window on the left side … Just the CAV is listed .

Any help ?