Cloudscan Antivirus prevents windows 10 to start

I have ab freshly installed Windows 10 X64 1803 and installs Comodo Firewall and Comodo Cloud AntiVirus after an reboot i get the message :

Your PC ran into an problem kernel problem

I decided to remove Comodo Cloud Antivirus and Windows 10 was starting correct so what happens here kernel panic is not ok so something went wrong. I have now also removed the firewall and installed CIS Premium but it is strange that Coud antivirus not will working as expected. Is this an known problem or an Windows 10 problem.

Thanks for reporting,
team will be in touch to identify the issue.


Hi flyingturtle,

What’s the full name of “ab” you mentioned? I want to reproduce the issue.

thank you!

I don’t want to be a smart-■■■, but I think he means:

I have a freshly installed Windows 10 X64 1803

Hi prodex ,

We try to reproduce the issue, but cannot reproduce it. Maybe I missing something so I ask flyingturtle the question.