Cloud scanning / reporting features

I searched but did not see the answer. Is there a way to turn off all cloud features in CIS 7? I would like to have HIPS and Sandbox running if they do not communicate with Comdo’s servers, but from what I read, Sandbox auto uploads apps or at least their names when an item is sandboxed. I just want an antivirus to update and have no other contact. Also, does CIS forward any thing else, (web history, file names, etc.) to Comodo. Thanks

Is there a place on Comodo’s website which spells this out in detail?

see if this can help you:
File Rating Settings

Uncheck the options that are related to cloud like Cloud Lookup and analyze unknown files.

Thank you for replying, I saw that, so does that disable all cloud options? I am not talking about updates, that is ok, just cloud analyzing features period. If I uncheck that, will the Sandbox still forward anything? Here is why I ask this: in Microsoft Security Essentials, when you turn off the cloud/reporting features, it tells you in no uncertain terms, nothing will be sent to Microsoft. I prefer Comodo, but I cannot find such assurances. Again thanks

Anyone? I am also on a internet plan with a data cap and I need to minimize as much traffic as I can.

CIS won’t tell you like MSE does. Once you disabled it as described it will no longer upload.

Please make sure to not let it download program updates when available when closing all gates.

Thanks, that is what I needed to know, I appreciate your response.