Cloud Scanner comparison with other products

Hi guys!

I am currently reviewing Cloud Scanner process of scanning. What i need is to know which are the components where we can make improvements or add new features.

The main comparison categories that interests a user are:

  • Malware scan (how many malware from a list are found - let`s say 100 viruses and a percent)
  • Speed of answers (a counter of time)
  • Usability of the product (how easy is to use it)

I need your opinion regarding camparison with other products from this category (Panda Cloud Scanner and others)

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Regarding new features, I would like to see CCS identify vulnerable software and required updates (software and windows). This I feel is very important. Have CS identify these problems and maybe have CPM resolve this by installing these updates.


Hi Graham,

Cloud Scanner is destinated for Diagnostic. It shows you the problems of your system. These features are optional and can be viewed with CPM but here we need to show up the vulnerabilities from Suspicious category. That is the category that i want to be the best in comparison with other products. Of course when vulnerable software category is 100% working we can include it here but untill then we want to improve what we have and add new functionalities to them!
Any other hints on Malware/Suspicious scan?

In terms of malware detection I think there should be an option to report it as a false positive (for some reason this does not appear for malware or suspicious files).

Also, could there be a link to the CIMA report for the suspicious files (like in CIS) so the user can see what was suspicious about the file.

The files detected as malware should also give you more information about the type of malware so you can make a decision about whether your computer is heavily infected, or it’s just adware or something like that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it just say “Malware” and not tell you what type.

Also, in terms of usability I think there should probably be an option on the initial screen to decide which type of scan you want to do. Right now there’s just a single button that will start all 4 scanners. It would probably be easier for many users if they could select which scans they want.

Hopefully this helps. Thanks.

Hello guys,

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