Cloud not working properly

Hello, since 2 days now(5.3 ?), i have somes know process being sandboxed … And when i do a lookup … it is safe …
Its not the first application i saw sandboxed and know …

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freemakevc is ‘safe’ but being sandboxed …

Yes this happens & I too have mentioned this. Apps get sandboxed but when you try online lookup it is found safe.

Are they still sandboxed after you restart the computer.

yes, they are still sandboxed

can you report this bug? this thing happens to some members, view in " submit application to be whitelisted in 2011", thanks you.

I’m just assuming so bare with me;
You have selected these files and Moved them to “Trusted Files” ?


actualy yes, but not normal i have to do lookup for made them trusted … and sandboxed this app do not work !

This can happen if the code sign certificate is revoked or the PC for some reason can’t verify the code sign signature… Can you verify if the explorer shows the validity of the cert for this app?

i can see the signer. " Ellora Assets Corp. "

Yes but does it show that the Cert is valid or not?

yes i can see and it is valid.

Can you post the SHA1 here and PM me a link to the same file?

OK, it sound fixed today :o