Cloud computing.

IT companies found brand new long-life money excavator and harvester.
They are spreading the exaggerative advertisements with the advantages except disadvantages.
What do they have to have and use to do so?

1.mass communications.

The Effectiveness from the result of above.
A lot of people think Cloud computing is only our future and great.

We will be spent more money. ;D

Are we the ant?

Why would this cost us any more??? Even at the moment, there are 2 free cloud AV’s. Immunet and Panda.
Let’s not forget the other antimalware tools, HIPS, virtulization. It’s just a different flavour of chips.

I’m not talking about Antivirus softwares.
Antivirus softwares are just a tiny part of Cloud Computing.
I’m talking about the Infrastructure of Cloud Computing.

The companies need to do following stuffs. for equipments. for developments. for high network bandwidth. for faster Internet Backbone.

How do they do it?
First, build for excavators with their money.
-they need to invest first to get more money in the future.

Second, harvest the money from the regular companies , governments, people.
-they have to get not only their investment back but also a profit.

The problem is the profit.
Most of charges will be increased because of the profit.

formula: regular charge + new profit= future charge

Another problem with Cloud Computing.
What did you do yesterday with your PC?
What did you save in the Cloud Computing service system?
They can see everything about you.

Privacy protection?
Don’t even think about it.

What if some hackers take the information about you from the Cloud Computing system?
What if they lose your information by the accident?
What if the police can aproach your information without the permission from the court?
your school data.
your medical data.
your personal information.
your credit card number and records.

What are your going to do with above situations?