closing a port range

Hello everyone,

I have been using v3 for quite a while and love it. I’m an old zonealarm user but it got way too bloated and slow for me.Now im trying to figure out just how to close a port range they are in the 49000-50000 range from an app im using, and want to close them down. I don’t need them telling me they have a great new feature. I have blocked internet access when it asks to connect but the ports are still in listening mode.

In zonealarm you just filled in the port range you want and your done. In comodo I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve been to the to the settings and help topics for the ports but don’t understand the teminology.
Can someone give me a step by step.

I would appreciate it very much.

Welcome to the forum Ghostnotes,

Couple of ways you could do this,lets add a port range in “My Port Sets” and then it`s allways there.

1.Firewall/Common Tasks/My Port Sets/
2.Add/“A New Port Set”/Give it a name then hit “APPLY”
3.Now below you will see (add ports here) Highlight it and click “Edit”/Check “A port range” and put in 49000-50000/APPLY to close all windows

Now go to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy and Double click on the application
Click on “Add”
Create the rule Action= Block(check logging if you wish)
Protocol=TCP or UDP
Source Address=ANY
Destination Address=ANY
Source Port=check “A set of ports” and choose the one you made
Destination Port=Same as above [this is where you could check “a port range” and add them there]
Now APPLY to close all windows
Also you must make sure this rule is at the top of your rules for said app as rules are read top down


Well i guess i had already inadvertently done half of what you said because the app was already in place. I’m guessing when i blocked it initially.So i set up the port ranges accordingly, by setting it to block tcp/udp in and out with the addresses and ports to any…that should do it I’m assuming??