close port 23,80 and unpingable others ports

hi everybody

Ihave just install cpf and on the first test i ask ,the tester find the ports 23 and 80 are open and the ports 27374,12345,1243,31337,12348 are pingable.
on an other tester it find also a problem with port 21.
so i supres all the programs to go out or in and it was the same thing.
what can i do?
sorry for my enghlish :i’m a french .
thanks for all.

Hi , are you testing with default settings? You should be 100% stealth.
Are you by chance using a router to connect to the net?

Do you use a firewall/router? If so, the issue may more be about your router configuration than CPF.

Thanks BorderlineCrazy and m0ng0d for the response.

Yes i test with the default settings and yes i have a router without firewall.
I thoug that was enough with the firewall of the pc because the others sets do’nt need protection.
So ,you thing i must also use the firewall of the router.
Thanks a lot and @+