close connection buttons disappear in beta

I already posted some stuff on this subject (recently, so don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to complain
one more time about no beeing answered),4489.msg33567.html#msg33567,4489.msg33570.html#msg33570

others might not agree but I consider this as a major feature of cfp. Although I can get that with avg anti-spy for instance, I liked to see it integrated to cfp. May be someone from the development team knows something about it. Just thought the subject was important enough to create a new topic.

I really miss those close buttons too. I used them frequently.

Why were they removed anyway…? Were they not serving a purpose or is Comodo waiting to reintroduce them in a Final Build…?? (:SAD)

They will be back in v2.5,4549.msg33890.html#msg33890

I found the post an hour ago, but thanks for your post. Anyway it’s been removed in 2.4 and we still don’t know why…glad to hear that it will be back in 2.5.

And I don’t agree that a feature can be removed in what will be a the final version of 2.4, even if it’s back in 2.5. You can remove something in a beta, for developing reasons, technical reasons, but not in a final release. Anyway the life of 2.4 will be rather short, so it does not matter. v3.0 comes in 2 months, according to what I read…that does not leave much time either for 2.5. We can probably expect 2.6, 2.7,2.8,and 2.9 in between + the betas. I won’t complain about that, it’s good for us users
to watch the progress of this software (:WIN)

Yes, it’s a mystery, maybe the Comodo-team is using the close-button in their christmas tree in the office… ;D