Cloning a CTM drive to another, larger, drive. Will it work?

I am really enjoying Time Machine a lot… so much so that I have 3-4 different versions of my computer on my hard drive now and was planning on upgrading to something in the 1.5-2TB range soon, my drive currently is 320GB. Has anyone tried this using something like Clonezilla?

Thanks for any responses…
And Thanks to the developers… by far one of the coolest programs I have used.

bonus question: How does comodo time machine handle disc space that is not partitioned for anything?
Will it use it at all?

I am curious what would happen on a drive that is short stroked.

You have to make sure you make a RAW disk image using all Zero’s and One’s on the disk because CTM stores it’s snapshots outside the Windows partitions on disk, so if you only clone your Windows partitions your snapshots will be lost…