Clone PC VS Brand

Hello everyone

I just wanted your opinions on this. Do you prefer to build your pc or buy a brand?? Tell me why.

My own creation :slight_smile: That way I can check for good parts for really low prices :slight_smile: If you know what you are doing, you can construct a PC that way outperforms branded ones for much lower price. And I can avoid paying taxes this way, cos I know nessesary people >:-D ;D

I use Clone PC because I’m a PC Technician. . . on my experienced, Clone is the Best because you can choose whats fit on your lifestyle and clone works better than Branded… (Specially on a non licensed OS. hehehe!) and most of all, clone has the advantage when it comes to handling different brands of your choice for your PC. well, Branded has more stability than Clone and has a strong motherboard than the clone ones! If Power Failure takes Place, Hmmm… Clone Motherboard easily damage than Branded. Now a days, more people are using CLONE rather than Branded specially in ASIAN Countries…

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At the end of this year I am looking at buying parts and building my own PC.

I have a Job now :stuck_out_tongue: And a Family Member paid for my $700 Laptop last year in November. Only came with 512MB, 1.73GHz Processor. I did upgrade few months ago to 1.5GIG. And Yes I will sell my laptop!

What I am looking at now is buying parts:
*2-4 GIG Ram.
*500-750GB HD.
*Dual Core Processor (Or Quad). 2.5GHz-4GHZ.

I want to get the above parts out of the way first. Who believes I can accomplish this!? (:KWL)

Josh :slight_smile:

To Josh → Just make sure you get a very good motherboard :wink: And a good PSU :slight_smile:


WD for your HDD and ECS Motherboard is the Best!

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[at] Josh,

The key is the motherboard - processor combination. These are the foundation of your PC and are key determinants on overall performance.

Look for a motherboard that can support multiple memory speeds and has sufficient upgrade potential. ECS, Gigabyte and Foxconn are worth a look.

Ensure that you get a power supply that has more than enough wattage output, 550W or better.

Add fans - the higher the spec, the more important airflow and cooling become.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I work in a small company and also by myself repairing, mantaining, building pcs etc. From what I’ve seen in our company. 3 of the pcs in my company are dell optiplex. And well first thing I notice is propietary parts. A power supply with a special form meaning another one if it’s not from dell won’t fit. Second is the quality. The powersupply is only 210 watts. What’s up with that ? The powersupply doesn’t have a good fan or ventilation. It gets a bit hot. And weird keyboard failures that happen from time to time even if I put another keyboard it doesn’t respond till I turn it off and on many times. The 3 of them do that. A coworker client brought me an Emachine pc. The power supply was busted. And again I see a low watt powersupply. So I’m thinking that some branded pcs use cheap parts. Also in terms of bios. In the bios of branded pcs you can’t configure much. Many don’t even register the pc temperature. I think also that clone pcs have more upgrade potential. For examle in a brand pc with a stupid 210 watts power supply you can’t put a good videocard there. Good videocards require 300watts or higher powersupply. So I think in brand pc that use propietary parts you’re kinda stuck with it till it dies since you can’t upgrade much. Branded pc are also very unbalanced pcs. When you run Windows Vista’s experience rating you see very variable scores. Like 5 in cpu, 4 in ram, and 1 in video. A good pc is a balanced pc.

If I were to have a new pc. I rather build it. My choice is an Asrock motherboard like the one I have now :slight_smile: It’s quality and not too expensive.

Thanks Guys!

Good Motherboard, Power Suppy, Fans & Processor. Cheers! Not experienced in Hardware at all. It’s all software for me.


I chose to build my own as that way I start out with exactly what I want and can easily upgrade if desired.
Yes, PSU is extremely important. Look at what you wish to do with your PC build, then decide what parts you wish to have that will accomplish that goal. Then look for a PSU that can provide: stable power, and more than you require (in case you decide to OC or expand later).
I personally use an OCZ EliteXtream 1000W PSU. it is providing more power than I am using, but is stable enough to OC (which I did - 3.65GHz) and upgrade components (and add USB components later) as you may require/desire.
Find a motherboard that will allow you to a) OC easily if you wish it, and b) has the features you are looking for.
Everything else just falls into place from there.
Oh, cooling is something else you need to seriously consider (case airflow, but more so CPU cooling, and if desired GPU cooling). What you use will determine the performance of your machine, and its limits. (cooler CPU’s run better). Stock cooling will only handle so much. There is a lot of good coolers out there (liquid and forced air). Find a good one for your needs, but also within your technical capabilities (liquid requires a bit more to install than air, but even these are getting better).
Good luck with your build.

Clone is the Best… ECS Motherboards and WD HDD Stands Best when Power Failure takes place specially on HOT climates Countries for 24-Hours of using without adding more Exhaust Fans.

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If I was gonna build my own I would go with Liquid Cooling. Keeps it running quietly and cool O0