Clone of C: onto USB External Hard Drive

I did some searching on the forums, and I am surprised that I cannot find the info on this.

My needs are as follows:

I need to put a clone of my hard drive (preferably updated every hour) onto my USB external hard drive.

I need to know the best format to use (CBU or sector by sector).

I also need to know how I restore this in the event of a hard drive failure.

Is there a way to do this without creating a boot up disc?

I have read about creating the boot up disc, and would prefer not to do it (I would rather not rely on a CD ROM I made).

If I were to create a clone of my C disc, sector by sector, to the USB drive, would I be able to boot off of it if I changed the disc boot order in bios?

I’m getting pretty confused about the wording I read in the forums about not being able to restore to a disc you are running Comodo from.

If my C drive crashes, and I have a backup on drive K (external), can I buy a new hard drive, install it in the computer, boot off of the USB K drive, and then run comodo (since it is a clone of my old c drive it should be there), then restore the K drive to the new C drive, and be done?




You could use incremental or differential CBU file backup.
Although this will read the entire source hard drive every time you run the incremental / differential.
Cloning will duplicate source hard drive to destination and it will have the same speed as a full backup.

Maybe you could use sync backup to synchronize your system drive to some folder on external drive, this will minimize the resource usage during backup.

The difference between clone and CBU file backup is that
when using CBU file backup the backup is stored as a cbu file on destination,
but when cloning C drive will be mirrored to external drive as it is. Any existing files on external drive will be overwritten and lost.

Another way is a quick fresh install of Windows and Comodo BackUp.
There isn’t other way to restore in case of hard drive failure.

You should clone the entire hard disk to do that. (all drives + MBR)

You can’t boot off USB K drive unless you clone the entire hard disk.