Clock won,t stay set after i installed Firewall, It will stay on if i uncheck internet time box set.
(PS I am new with this firewall) We are on daylite savings time, Ti switches back to EST time when box is checked.
Keith R

Hello welcome to the forums!

Sorry I do not understand your question clearly, Are you referring to internet time syncronisation with the windows sytem clock?

Yes,I unchecked the box now my clock stays set. must have something to do with the internet time and the firewall??
Keith R

Maybe it’s the server that you are connecting to to synchronize your time is incorrect or the wong server for your location.

I Highly doubt that The firewall is interfeering, to check you can do this;
Comodo → Fire wall → events.

Got it fixed,thank you a lot.
Keith R

You’re welcome :slight_smile: