Click "Download" Button for Updated Comodo Dragon but Nothing Happens

The announcement in the gold/orange band at top of Comodo Dragon said, New Version of Comodo Dragon is Available. I clicked the displayed Download button and noth…

…Wait! Now, at the top of CD is displayed the button for Relaunch and Install. This is a different kind of bug. C Dragon did NOT show any sign of download occurring. There should have been a message and progresss indication at the bottom of the browser about download for version 17.4 but there was none.

I will proceed with that Relaunch and Install button and maybe report more later; the question may be, will the install occur according to the selected displayed button and will an indication of progress occur?

Brief System Description:
Windows XP sp3,
Comodo Dragon 17.3 currently installed,
Option setting chosen to inform of new versions but not do anything else,
Extensions are WOT, and not enabled are CraigsPreviewer and Mailto.

Excuse me for not clearly seeing the “Modify” button in this board posting.
Trying to directly run the downloaded DragonSetup.exe which was downloaded through the CD Download button failed to open the installer. Following post describes more of what I did and found.

Finally, as I describe in “Help - CD”, I again directly downloaded DragonSetup.exe, and ran it and that achieved the update installation from 17.3 to 17.4.1


I clicked “Relaunch and Install”.
CD closed.
Nothing else happened. Even after 5 more minutes, NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED.

Next step is to look for the downloaded file (supposedly) and try to run it directly (Assuming it will be named Dragonsetup.exe and were downloaded today).

My strong opinion, this is a bug.

EDIT: postings are not fully in sequence, since I missed seeing the “modify” button.
In any case, update was accomplished through fresh download using another browser, and directly running this fresh download. Bug, yes, but update of CD still possible using fresh setup file and run installer directly over v17.3 to get installed 17.4.