Clearing the DNS Cache [Resolved]

Since I have installed Commdo, I cannot clear the DNS Cache when I try to repair a wireless network connection. Posting on a MS forum has raised the issue that a setting in Commodo may be causing this.

I would like to learn about this setting.

Yes. disabling “Security->Advanced->Monitor DNS requests” can solve this problem. It would be very good if you could post this solution in the MS forums so that other people can also learn.

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  1. That took care of the issue.

Can you plz explain to us that we dont know what is DNS cache and why we should clean it?

The DNS cache contains a record of all your system’s DNS requests. It would look something like this (if it were a true text file)… = =

…and so on.

So, if in future your system whats to know what the IP address of is, it will look in the cache rather than requesting a name resolve from a DN server on the Net (for speed). However, if your DNS cache becomes corrupt or if one, or more, of the IP addresses have changed… then you might be asked to clean it.

Now its clear to me! thank you!

One more thign to ask is how often we must clear the cache?
Will comodo asks us for that?

Very rarely, if ever at all. You would normally only do this if you have been asked to by a support person or if you had suddenly lost your ability to access some or all of the Internet without any apparent reason.

(:CLP) Thanks for the information. I am new to Comodo firewall and switched because it was much easier to configure than Zonealarm. I was having trouble repairing wireless network connections on my home network and that must have been the reason why. Thanks again.

The full way to this setting is:
goto Defense+, Advanced, Defense+ Settings, Monitor Settings, DNS/RPC Client Service.

[at] Gregas.
“cant find the : “securyty”->“advanced”->“monitor DNS request”…could u help me please…?”

What version of CIS (CFP) are you running? What is your OS?
These posts are 3 years old and most possibly do not apply any longer.

Yes this is a problem from the no longer supported 2.4 version.

For that version you can find the setting on:
Advanced, “Application behavior analysis” “Monitor DNS Queries”