Clearing Downloads Bar?


i’ve not looked at and used comodo since it first came out at sourceforge and am amazed at how much it has been upgraded. i like it very much and removed my other equivalent programs in preference to comodo.

it is so (to me) incredibly dynamic…i am amazed with it. i like the virtual and sandboxing feature very much. it is very special to have that feature incorporated into a browser.

as you can imagine, i’m a total newbie and maybe the answer to my question may seem a little simple and i should see it for myself, but trying to absorb everything in a day or two is too much for me…so apologies if this is easily adresseed.

my problem is that i cannot clear the downloads bar…located along the bottom. i tried right clicking on the left side button and i get the options menu, including the clear downloads, but it will not clear…no matter how many times i attempt to do it.

how do i clear the d/l bar?

hope this isn’t a dumb question, but i always believed there are no dumb questions…only dumb answers.

thanks for the terrific free software and kudos to the developers on how well they have coded it. it is an exceptional browser and suite with an excellent array of functions and security tools. and especially for making it completely free. very commendable indeed!

thanks for the helps. i’m guessing the solution may be simple, but being a new user is a bit daunting to understand everything in a day.

the clearing button on the right of the bar doesn’t clear them either.

forgot to add…that i did download some things and they cleared ok using the right side clearing button, but now that doesn’t clear it.

the files not clearing were still there and i downloaded some others and when they completed…they cleared ok using the right button clearer. the others i simply right clicked on each and selected delete (the files were already unzipped–so no loss). all of them removed fine. not sure why it didn’t mass clear, but it is cleared and that’s good enough for me.

new downloads removed fine using the right button.don’t know why the others did not, but it’s function as it’s supposed to be now.
just an fyi

well, maybe not. downloaded another rar file and it would not remove either. it seems some will and some will not and i have no idea why. it isn’t a big deal for me, just something not functioning as it should. i can remove them easily and that’s ok with me.

just wanted to update the question. i’ll not add more…the browser works well enough and that small thing is of no importance for me.

thanks much!