Clearing Browser Data


Just started using Comodo Dragon however one thing I would like it to do is have an option to clear browser data on either on startup or shutdown - or even both. I would like to be able to select what data I want deleting automatically and when it should be done (as you can in Firefox)

Keep up the good work

try to use click&clean, runs on Chrome so it should run on custom versions too…


I tried to install it using Dragon but I get a message saying I’m not running Chrome. :frowning:

It would be nice if Comodo Dragon appeared in the applications list in CCleaner but I guess that’s one for the authors of CCleaner to address

Doesnt CCleaner allow you to include custom folders for cleaning?

You would only have to enter the folder settings once (the “Options>Include” section)
then make sure you have “Custom Files and Folders” box checked under the “Advanced” section (at the bottom) of the cleaning tool window.

Although not the most important thing, a “clean at shutdown” option(s) built in to Dragon would be nice. Until Chromium 5 is implemented, use the shortcut ctrl+shift+delete. This way you do not have to dig into the toolbar to clear the “tracks”. The shortcut displays the “clear history” window(not big).