cleanmem memory optimizer.

is anybody using cleanmem at all?
im just fishing for some opinions on this application.

many thanks.

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What OS are you using?

Basically, memory optimizers are useless in anything higher than Windows 95. (Windows 95 did have memory management, but it didn’t always work very well)

In most cases, memory optimizers do nothing or actually reduce system performance. The way they work is to free up memory by paging .dll’s and other application components to disk to give you a larger block of unused RAM.

The problem is, RAM is considerably quicker to access than disk access. So, when a program you have open decides it wants to access a component that you have forced Windows to page to disk, it then needs to reload the components from your disk, which slows things down.

There is absolutely no need to have larger free blocks of RAM sitting around. If Windows needs more RAM for a new process, it will automatically page not currently used components to your disk. Doing this before there is a need is simply a waste of resources. (And as mentioned, performance)

You can do a quick search for Memory Optimization Myth or similar terms if you want more info.

im using windows7 64-bit.
thanks for the info.
am i actually harning my computer by using this application?

many thanks to you heffeD.

Most likely only performance-wise.

These applications have been known to cause crashes if they are trying to shuffle things to disk at the same time an application tries to access them.

A significative exception, even if running some NT flavor, is some small Netbooks, where writing to virtual RAM on disk is used versus very small amount of built-in RAM.

Some people also advocate for the use of shadow RAM as a security measure because the used “RAM” space is wiped each time the computer is rebooted.

I would say that is another myth with a very slight flavour of truth :slight_smile:

Well, there is a registry tweak for cleaning Virtual Memory
Run RegEdit

  • HKey_Local_Machine/System/Current Control Set/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management
  • Right-Click on ClearPageFile At Shutdown and put value to “1”
  • The result - your virtual memory will be cleaned upon the shutdown of PC

Then, you can use XP-AntiSpy – an excellent(!!!) Software ( works on XP / win 7 both platforms)
Use the respective option – no need to dive into the Registry

In addition (despite it as a bit of a “different story”) it’s very beneficial using uphclean by MS

But, as HeffeD pointed using any “mem-optimization-Utilities” as requested is a waste of time & resources – the myth indeed

The main purpose of creating such Tools was fighting with memory leaks that some Software can introduce. But at the end of the day that is not a proper way to fight the issue. The issue has to be addressed and fixed by any given Application that has such memory leak (improperly allocating & subsequently re-allocating / releasing the memory)

Let’s say an Application is leaking 1-2k every time it’s running. You will most likely never notice that (depending on number of times you run it though). So the utility will work taking the resources but mainly for nothing since you will most likely end your session (reboot) way before any bad implication may occur
If an App. is really nasty & poorly written & leaking badly with huge amount of memory - that is not a fact that the “ram-Utility” will succeed but it will “try” – again that is waist of time & resources.


p.s. you can get more info reading SysInternals

I was, somewhat off topic, not speaking of memory optimizers of which i think the same, but of RAM disks, of course not a good idea because disk access is much slower than ram.

However, and assuming one is not dumb enough to run even correctly written, but heavy ressources last versions on a low memory netbook (some models only have 512MB, video shared), you won’t be able to run some basic applications at all on these netbooks if you do not create such a RAM disk (and therefore accept to work very slowly).