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How can i clean my registry of previously installed firewalls and anti virus programs?

It’s very hard to recommend cleaning your registry especially if you’re not tech savy and have no idea what you’re doing. Unlike other Operating systems, Windows pretty much stores everything in the registry and one key accidentally removed could be fatal for your computer. Sometimes, a reformat is needed with a clean install after a registry messup. So, I’ll make a gigantic warning here: [color=red]BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST BEFORE ATTEMTPING ANY CLEANUP

Having thus said, my personal favourite is Registry Organiser (called reg organizer). You can do a google search and get a trial version. The good about it is I can say, I want to search for left over symantec entries, I can do a customised search and then delete all in two commands. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s worth a try.

I agree with the previous poster. Be careful! Make a backup!
Different registry cleaners find and clean in a more or less aggressive way.
With CCleaner I have to uncheck things, since it tend to clean “to much”…
I prefer Easycleaner, for registry cleaning, since it has never got me into trouble. Usually I can allow to remove everything it finds in the registry to clean. Both programs save a backup before they clean.
Remember to just clean your PC right after a reboot, no matter what method you use.

As per previous posts a registry back up is highly recommended. I have attached a zip file containing a good registry cleaner which I find gives good results. As AOwL says, CCleaner can be a little aggressive but I have found the attached registry cleaner to work well.


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Yes, jv16 is good, but it needs some knowledge of course (I borked some things by over-enthusiastic use :cry: )
One that does seem to work (perhaps not as thoroughly as jv16) is Free Window Registry Repair 1.0 from Free Window Registry Repair: a windows registry repair freeware. and it can restore its changes.
The easiest way to back up the Reg. is by using ERUNT from and put the file on c:\ for easy access.

I’ve let Free Window Registry Repair fix everything that it found, then run it again after a reboot; it didn’t [seem to] damage anything and several problems went away (:CLP)

Edit: CCleaner did break a few things, so yes, do be careful.


I won’t kick the dead horse about the potential problems with registry editing (without creating a backup), but I would like to add that if you significantly edit the registry, it’s a good idea to run a compaction tool on it, followed by a reboot. Kind of like when you defragment your hard drive; after you’ve removed stuff from the registry, then you want to reorganize all the remaining information back together again.

There are plenty of free tools both for registry editing and compacting it; there are also plenty of non-free tools as well… :wink:


PS: At the same time, you don’t need to be terrified about editing your registry; just cautious. Create a backup, first off (not just your registry; your system, too; it’s best to use a non-system drive). Worst case scenario, if you completely thrash your system, you can always reformat and reinstall Windows.

Thanks everyone for the info and advice. although I’ve just realized nows not the time to be messing with the P.C. got loads of coursework to do. (:SAD). so i’m going to wait awhile before i go for it.

Good plan. Get the coursework done first. You can save the joys of reg cleaning for a rainy day :wink:

J J,

everything has been said already.

Another registry cleaner I can recommend is Registry Mechanic

Never had problems with this program that it removes “too much”…

Good luck!