cleaning out icedragon

I have windows 7 64 bit and ice dragon 22.0.1. I also have ccleaner 4.02 and I noticed that ccleaner does not clean anything from icedragon. I can use the customization of files and folders but I do not know where icedragon stores the following information so that I can manually set ccleaner to clean it.

The following are:

  1. internet history and cache
  2. download history
  3. session
  4. site preferences
  5. saved form information
  6. passwords
  7. compact database

this is what ccleaner cleans for firefox, but I do not know where these files/folders are located for icedragon.

please assist thanks

Look at the folder where you installed IceDragon.
There folder ---->UserDate → Profiles-> you profile … default —>Files there. “SQLITE”

It details.

I am using Vista and currently run CCleaner 4.04 (the version number may vary by operating platform). I, like you, find that CCleaner does little with regard to IceDragon. In the CCleaner Tools>Start-Up screen there is a Firefox tab. In that screen IceDragon is as least acknowledged, but that is it. There is no recognized IceDragon Application group in the Analyze for Cleaning screen. Consequently, I use IceDragon itself to take-up the cleaning slack. The Ice Dragon Options screen contain a number of tabs one of which is labelled Security. The second item down, History, has the phrase “You may also want to clear all current history” with the last four words hyper linked to a menu of items which can be cleaned. Included are the cache, cookies, web site history and others from which you can pick and choose.

There are two ways to reach the IceDragon Options screen. From the Main Menu opens the Tools category and then select Options. The other is to click on the IceDragon logo in the top left corner of the main browser screen and then select Options. I hope that this is what you want.
- Mark Lee

I am using CID an CCleaner v4.04 …and CCleaner clears all for me :-TU
please update your CCleaner ( Thanks for downloading CCleaner )

…you need v. 4.04…

Release Notes
v4.04.4197 (25 Jul 2013)

  • Added Windows 8.1 Preview support.
  • Added Internet Explorer 11 cleaning.
  • Added Opera 15 cleaning.
  • Improved Google Chrome cleaning: Flash Cookies, Channel ID Cookies and Last Download Location.
  • Improved detection of Chromium based browsers.
  • Added Comodo IceDragon cleaning.
  • Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers.
  • Improved Monitoring notifications (Pro version).
  • Added cleaning for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Bing Search, Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Sports and Bing Travel.
  • Added Hindi translation.
  • Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.

open ccleaner - bottom right corner - check for updates

as for cleaning options - open ccleaner - click applications tab - icedragon is listed as firefox on mine (I don’t have firefox) - check the boxes you want

to Mark Lee. You are wrong
What you say is not on the security tab
It will be in the privacy tab unless its set for private browsing

You are right. Fascinating … I would not have thought that options would alter tab locations based on whether IceDragon is set to remember browsing history or not. I wonder what other options ‘hop-scotch’ around depending upon history setting. Thanks for the feed-back.
Mark Lee