Cleaner Validator.exe problems

Since getting the new update for CSC, my Comodo gives me the error, “Cleaner Validator.exe has encountered a problem…” When I open the program, it hangs on loading, nothing ever changes.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I’m running windows XP Pro SP 3. Had no issue with the old CSC.

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Have uninstalled the old version?


Val, Yes, I’ve uninstalled the old version. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the new version hoping that a clean install would fix the issue.

When I look at my task manager, the program uses up about 191,000 bytes of memory, by far the biggest hog on my system. I do not have CSC set to active clean. The only thing I can think, is an issue with this new version.

I have it to but it gets down after a time.


I’ve been getting that same message over and over as well. I also did not have this problem with the older version. The older version is uninstalled, so I don’t know what more to do, other than to uninstall this newer version and reinstall it, hoping that it might help, but not feeling positive that it will. I should have just left things the way they were, but I thought that a newer version would be better…because that was the claim on the download page.

Cleaner_Vladitator is a process that reputedly executes only during ‘idle’ time. Its putative purpose is to render instant diagnostic recommmendations upon launch of CSC at any arbitrary time.

It appears that there are issues w/ v3.0.x in that is likes CPU.

The suggestion made w/regards to that issue is to revert to v2.x until the issue is fixed; Google is one’s friend.

While I commend Comodo developer intents and goals, the latest version did not accomplish what I needed from a CSC_2_2_335611_5 perspective while at a remote site performing triage; much to my chagrin I did not load my diagnostic thumb-drive with the v I needed (and anticipated the latest version would accomplish).

Welcome to the ‘the public is the beta-crowd’ scene. That being said, nevertheless (and notwithstanding), it would be fair to say that CSC found hundreds of issues in each of serveral cateogies after Norton Win Doctor scanned ‘clean’. That nowithsandingm katest CSC couldn’t clean a WubXO SP3 systen of what it found w/out crashing. I did idscover that that it appears the latest vestion does indeed fix things prior to crashing.

Much to my chagrin I’ll be trucking back to site in order to un-install CSC given its resource hogging propensities in its present incarnation.


Can you please tell us what security software do you have installed?
Thank you for your support.

Running win xp SP3 and Trend Micro Internet security

I am getting this Cleaner_Validator.exe error. Happens whenever my computer is idle for some time. Am getting memory errors as well (Memory xxxxxxxx could not be read … blablabla Terminate or continue?) Or if multiple users are logged in I get:

'This computer …blablabla… has been locked by …Blablabla… Only user or administrator can unlock …blablabla.

If I try to unlock I get the error.

‘Unable to find restart.exe.’

Or the machine cant find the user roaming profile. Or the login button is grayed out so I cant login. And the mousepointer disappears in the login window (goes behind the window?) even though the window is active.

Machine very unstable. Locks up or even shuts down many times a day. All my Picassa thumbnails where gone!!! And 5000 pictures where missing!!! Thumbnails slowly reappearing and pictures coming back (Picassa is slowly rebuilding its database it seems). But 10.000 nametags are gone belongs now to :frowning: Haven’t seen any come back yet :frowning:

Hey Remington, have you tried just uninstalling system cleaner? I know it’s their new favorite thing, but I think it’s worse than the previous system cleaner.

Unless you need it (which you really don’t) I would uninstall system cleaner. I did, and now I have no problem. The Internet suite program is sufficient for me.

:-TU Good luck

It’s rubbish! It’s caused problems on every PC I’ve installed it on so it’s now where it belongs: In the recycle bin.

Hurrah for Piriform CCleaner!