Clean PC mode again [RESOLVED]

Hmm, somehow I seem to have a wrong understanding of clean PC mode (D+). i Thought, all files that were installed on my PC when switching to clean PC mode would be considered as safe and would be allowed to do whatever they want to. Now I played an online game lately. Everything went smooth until I tried to save. The save function of the game creates an .EXE file and I got a pop up. No need to say the game is a full screen application and the pop up was behind it. Fortunately, the game could be minimized and after I allowed the file creation everything was fine. But why did I get a pop up when the executable trying to create the file should have been considered safe? Is it because it is an executable file being created? Or do I understand something fundamentally wrong here?


New executable files in Clean PC mode are not considered safe and ask.

When in “Clean PC” mode any executable which is new or modified is placed in the “Pending Files” section of Defence+ where you have various options for what to do with look up/submit/move to safe.

You might find Vettertech`s topic(about gaming) at the top of the help for V3 helpful.


See my sticky for games. Also read the help file system under Miscellaneous for a better understanding of clean pc mode. I actually have D+ in train with safe mode so I don’t have to deal with pending files.

Thanks riggers.

Ah, thanks all. After reading the help file again I found the part of it I must have missed before. “Installation” of a new executable gives me a pop up in clean PC mode. So my savegame was treated as a newly installed executable here. I’ll have to switch back to “train with safe” for playing for now. This has been my preferred mode anyway after the first “learning phase” of D+ in clean PC mode. Well, after the fresh install I was forced to do lately, I’m back to the “learning phase”, so my “normal” mode is clean PC mode at the moment.

Obviously, life in the “learning phase” would be easier with no pop ups from trusted applications and files (even executables) that those trusted applications create. Classifying those new files as “pending” would be ok and also safe enough. OTOH, a compiler might be a trusted application but can still create malicious code. Being a “pending file” should be enough to handle that, though.


You need to allow your game to modify protected files in your saved games folder
Defense+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → [Your Game] → Access Rights → Protected Files/Folders → Modify → Allowed Files/Folders → Add → Browse → Browse to the folder used for saved games → Use the “->” button and apply 5 times.
If you trust your game you can set it as Use a predefined policy “Trusted Application” instead of the above procedure.

All my games are trusted in D+ and the firewall. I maually add all my games. Takes awhile but works like a charm.

I’ve done both now, made the games executable(s) trusted applications and also switched to “train with safe” in D+. The firewall was in that mode already. Saving went smooth now, so no problems at the moment.


Good to hear all is sorted now tab.

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