would anybody recommend using clam-av as a on-demand scanner at all? it is not going to slow down computer performance in any way so is it worth installing for a little bit more protection.? (:WAV)

I don’t recommend it. use Comodo’s AV.


You can run it just as long as you exit “All Of Your Other Applications” if you don’t close those app’s say hello to your new door stop.


hi.thanks for the replies.i was sort of hoping you would say that sticking with comodo does a great job.just thought that clam would be the icing on the cake.many thanks.bye. (:CLP)

Clam is not a great performer.

I recommend you to use Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5.0 free version as the on-demand scanner. It is much more superior than Clam-av.

ClamAV works realtime in Immunet.
Somebody said It’ clamav with their own heuristic engine.

i tried the emsisoft anti-malware and it was ok but the service would not stop running.i wanted an on-demand scanner not a constantly running service.

many thanks.

bye. :ilovecomodo:

malwarebytes or prevx is good backup

i have malwarebytes installed and hitman this enough or is another opinion required?

many thanks.


Hmmm… Maybe that would explain all the false positives Immunet has…

I have heard that Immunet uses ClamAv’s engine.


I am not sure what was said re: “All Of Your Other Applications” if you don’t close those app’s say hello to your new door stop. ???

but I have ClamAV as portable & it works fine (definitely not as sophisticated as… :slight_smile:
Actually as AV it does not have real-time resident

Sure you have to stop any existing Guard (with “OnAccess”) when using other on-demand scanners, but that’s it not “all other Apps”

As for Emsisoft (EAM) - that is indeed cannot be compared to any since it has the best detection rate

If you think that

the service would not stop running
is a problem, which is really not… then use Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) - the same scanner ; can be run from Flash Stick ; no installation; no service required… you will not have Explorer Integration though, but that is mainly the only disadvantage

My regards

emsisoft anti-malware v5 best detection rates.? what is the evidence for such a bold claim.?
im not doubting the product at all but if the detections are as good as you say then i may seriously consider re-installing.

kind regards to you.

bye. :-TU

I’m not sure why I can feel the irony ,
but have a look at several years of existing different tests results & awards
As far as I remember only once Avira was in front by 0.1% (like 99.7 /99.8 close figures but not precise) … you’ll find that if you are persistent enough :wink:


what is the evidence for such a bold claim.?
Because "SiberLynx" recommended it should be more then enough proof >:-D :■■■■ or possibly because there always around the 99% ratio :D

is immunet worth installing as a little more protection.? ???

I found it to be a headache. :-TD

hi heffeD
why was that.ive already installed it and seems to run just slowdown or anything.


I am using immunet alongside with my main antivirus software…It works great and have no issues…so you can rest assure to use it.