CISDump files

Is there any reason for CIS 10 to be creating files every day in the CISDump folder?

Since my reinstall on the 1st due to a Sandbox configuration issue, everything has been running smoothly without any problems. I’ve never had CIS crash on me and not had any system problems, yet when I looked on the CISDump folder, there are3 .dmp files, each around 250MB - one from Thursday 2nd and two from yesterday the 3rd

The only activity with CIS since the 1st is that I ran a full scan which found Gibson’s Leaktest as malware (which I marked as trusted) and then everything was clean

It also threw a couple of Malware warnings when running a Ransomware tester yesterday

Does that mean something is going wrong behind the scenes, or should I just ignore them? Alternatively is a .dmp created every time there’s a potential threat?

Usually, something is wrong. Please provide dump files.

Well there’s nothing showing in logs and Diagnostics show everything as fine

Stupid question, but how do I upload a 247MB file?

Use a file sharing website and provide link via PM. :slight_smile:

Done and pm sent - thanks

From the looks of it, mainUI is crashing after long process up-time.

The only thing I can guess happen around the times when the files are created, is that the screen turns off if that would possibly have any effect?

It’s set so the PC never goes to sleep or hibernate and the screen is the only thing that turns off

It’s a known issue. Main interface window is crashing if left opened for long periods of time (eg 6 hours). You can ignore it for now. There is no risk.


Great - thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Looks fixed with <> version.

I’d forgotten about that! I tend to think it was fixed a few updates / releases back. I’t’s never come up again and I have kept the main Window open on the desktop for hours at a time

Thanks for reminding me