Cisco Systems VPN Client + Comodo = shutdown system

This two software should not be used, while the use of that crash. Help me. ,

Cisco Systems VPN Client + Comodo 3.8.6 = shutdown system O0

my system Windows xp sp3 , Cisco Systems VPN Client Comodo 3.8.6
Software should not be used, while the use of that crash.


As your system shut downs for no reason, it’s most likely a system crash/BSoD. In order for the developers to be able to do anything, you’ll need to provide some more information, and also post the minidump (if any) created during the crash. Read this topic on how to configure Windows to create a minidump, how to obtain in, and where to post it.

I’ve run into the same problem. (BSOD 0x000000D1) I’ll not go into details here since this issue is well covered in the following posts:

The VPN client still connects to my company (just complains about missing firewall) :wink:

here is the script that worked for me

@REM ************************************************** **************************
@REM * Description: This batch automatically removes the bundled Zone Alarm from
@REM * Cisco Systems VPN Client in Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
@REM *
@REM * Notes: see NameBright - Coming Soon
@REM ************************************************** **************************

@net stop cvpnd

@cd “%SystemRoot%\system32”
@echo Current directory: %cd%

@move vsdata.dll vsdata.dll.bak
@move vsdatant.sys vsdatant.sys.bak
@move vsinit.dll vsinit.dll.bak

@REM cd %SystemRoot%

@REG DELETE HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\vsdatant /f
@REG DELETE HKLM\System\ControlSet002\Services\vsdatant /f
@REG DELETE HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\vsdatant /f

@net start cvpnd



This problem is still an issue. I’m running CIS v3.9 with Cisco VPN v5.0.05.0290. The computer crashes when it secures the communication, eg. establishes the VPN tunnel. It’s been an issue since v3.8 and Cisco VPN 5.0.x.

As with the latest Cisco VPN, the files vsdata and vsdatant are no longer installed with the client.

I have no problems anymore on CIS 3.9.x from BETA1 to now with CVPN
All 3 Cisco processes on “custom” mode.
Vista SP1, Enterprise, x32.

What 3 processes are those, Ronny? And in what area (Firewall, D+ ?). I only have 2 files set to trusted. Don’t see a 3rd… yet :slight_smile:

FW - vpngui.exe - custom
FW - cvpnd - custom

D+ cvpnd - custom
D+ ipsecdialer - custom
D+ vpngui - custom

Hmm… after some closer inspection I see that I have those 3, plus dneinst.exe (deterministic Network Enhancer). But the crashing when using Cisco VPN kinda forces me to uninstall CIS. I’ve logged a ticket. Let’s hope the devs can figure it out. I want my CIS back :slight_smile: