Cisco ASA VPN SSL - Renewal email

When filling out the cert renewal from the link Comodo sent, what do I select for the question:

“Select the server software that generated your CSR”?

Cisco ASA is not an option. Do I select OTHER?

Other would work along with the one labeled with “Cisco”. :smiley:

The one labeled for Cisco is for a different device then I have (I have an ASA) ;D

Regardless of that fact the format of the certificate will STILL work. :wink:

And I would know this because? Since nowhere at Comdo does it say choose Cisco Concentrator if you want to use any Cisco product.

I chose OTHER, and it seemed to have worked.



If its still the same…and I think it is…the server software selection is only to assist support
when a customer asks for support.