CISC 4.1 DB 5146 FP on Combofix.exe

I’m using Combofix as a tool for removal of the “bad guys”.
Part of my tool box, when I visit people with infected computers.
Not on my own! ;D
Sure you are aware of that program.
So I cannot pass on the garantee status,
before removing or performing a new scan and then remove the files from my discs.
Just got CISC 4.1 installed, yesterday. Previous, CIS 4.1 (Free), reported it as well.
Files been submitted.
Have a good weekend! 8)
Mats H

Hi Mats H,

We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.
Best Regards

Hi Mats,

Reported FP has been fixed in DB 5148.Please update and confirm it.


thanks for the fast response, updated to DB 5149, after replying to your email.
There is still an issue, I forwarded it on to the FP after scanning one of the files.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Mats,

This is not a false detection.Detected file is a potentially unsafe application and if you intent to use it further,you can add it to exclusion list.

You can find more details for this kind of detection here:;msg277700#msg277700 .


thanks for fast responses.
I’ll remove the Combofix to an USB stick instead, and will delete the files on my computer.
I understand that it’s not possible to accommodate all requests, as this one could also be used in malicious SW.
Thank you!
Keep upp the good work!
Mats H

I find this topic closed!