CIS6 is a smart cutting edge security app

Thank You Melih, Thank you developers and thank you COMODO
I was very reluctant to upgrade to CIS6 after reading all the feedback from some of those who tried it.
I was happy with 5, I stayed with it until some of the guys who always ask me about computer apps and some of the people on our forums asked me is they should try the new comodo, some of them were using other apps , I recommend comodo and helped mount it on their machines, I was shocked how people rejected CIS6 … it’s awesome all in all, especially the Kiosk and the multi protection layers it offers,…
conclusion, the Kiosk alone is superior to any other security app… I had trouble finding where sandboxed items were, help literature had nothing " obvious" on this issue, but few digging did the trick,… I am switching to this new hot hunk of the security super mind of COMODO, and please don’t listen to all the negative feeds, one of the mistakes people do when using any comodo app is that they think it’s made for them only, that’s not true, it’s created for people who have no idea what a security program is and for experts and Gurus, so please respect the app, or it’s your mistake if it brings your system down, it’s that powerful for you, and that advanced that you should learn it.
enjoy being safe like you have never been .

nobody complain about cis6 as a security software…

but everybody complains about its interface, the lack of informations and the difficult to find some informations that we usualy use on cis5 but with a easy way to find then.

thats the question about cis6.

im my particular case I prefer to stick with cis5 because the higher use of ram and cpu in cis6 and the lack of some informations that im used to have on cis5…

cis 5 and 6 are great products to protect your machine. but i prefer the usability instead the beauti ■■■■ with higher cpu and ram usages…

Tired of these old whining songs. Version CIS 5 is past. I find nothing to it. Prefer CIS 6, interface OK to me, not to hard to go around, easy to go inside. Can’t understand people, are they d…b? Only a minority speaking I think, the vast majority is happy with CIS 6, installed with default settings on clean install it can only work fairly well. Remember CIS 6 doesn’t need “junk” software like Sandboxie or Trusteer Rapport. Whitout leftovers from other security products and these two software, the suite works a charm to me. >:-D

Works for me too on mostly the default settings. I think all the negativity will die down when the options to access the more advanced settings are added back into the UI thus pleasing the more geekish users. It just can’t be said enough that CIS is now usable by everyone. This could not be said about any of the previous versions.

It has nothing to do with being a ‘geek’ it’s simply about those who wish to interact with the application and have access to information, without jumping through unnecessary hoops to get it.

The worst part of version 6 are these kind of comments.

This update made biased people posting all day. Hope that gets fixed with new updates :wink:

“Dont care about complaints. They think its made for them. But i like it this way. Dont listen to them. All fine now.”
That puts the things upside down somehow. :smiley:

If you are not able to understand why other people need to interact with their security software and deplore the lack of easy access to features as compared to all other previous versions of CIS , there is not need to show your lack of understanding or knowledge in being disrespectful. Not everyone is satisfied with a fire and forget mantra.

You must be smoking something very good to have the nerve to call Sandboxie junk software.

You just described a geek.

there are plenty of non geeks who have to or want to interact with the program

No a Geek wants to interact with the software and understands at least some of the information. But for the rest of us about 90 to 95 percent we don’t want to interact with it and we don’t understand the information you geeks want to see and change so much. I myself am a non geek and like my software to work with little or no interaction with it at all.

In fact will someone please set up a pole to say with security software do you like plug and play meanning no or little interaction with it after setup.

Or moderate interaction with some gauges and setting to tweak or

Full out geek information and tweaking of the program.

And lets see what the pole says what the average person coming to the forum wants.

I and my wife already vote for number 1 little to no interaction with the software after setup.

I am NOT a geek.
I use the interface like i use my car.
I create the rules that are easy to understand like red yellow or green on a traffic light.

You are “the 95%”?
Where trojans grab your screens and send the files.
Because everything is so userfriendly and silent.

When you drive your car, you interact.
When you put on your oven, you interact.
When you close your door, you interact.
When you switch on the light, you interact.

But its IMPOSSIBLE to interact with a firewall?
You make yourself “not knowing”. You want to not know.
Should this be the new “average”? Those who dont want to know?
Nice future.

About the ongoing discussion:

You should get all the automatism you want.
But if you dont want to interact
dont dictate the way comodo should look.

You dont want to use the interface.
In the installation there should be a single button for you to make your choice.

More dangerous than a threat is a false feeling of security.
“My firewall is so userfriendly silent”
while in fact
outbound is allowed.

I installed a firewall to control outgoing. Ingoing is filtered by my router.
I dont need your kind of firewall.
Because its useless for my attempt.

If you believe that describes a geek, you obviously have no idea what a geek is. Regardless, I’m happy CIS now woks well for less the technically able.

It is clear to me geeks have little common sense. A car or oven you turn a key or a knob and in the case of a car drive. But what you geeks want is like what in a car how much fuel is going to what spark plug. I as a normal drive don’t need this information or want it. Just like I don’t need to know what port my operating system is using to check for updates and that goes for all the other programs I have and trust. So try to say you aren’t a geek but the more you wine about what you want from a security suite the more geeky you sound.

Thanks for your considered opinion and a very informative post 88)

Look, smartface, you dont know what geeks are, you dont know what they want… but you know they have little common sense.
Shows your sense… :smiley:

Anyway. Whining people who wave the dollars to people who tell them: “Pay us you need our automatism tools”
are the reason why comodo looks like version 6 now.
“Yeah, it has an interface that i dont want to use. Keep it!”
Thats just bizarre. Combined with your type of comments.

We “geeks” dont need to whine when something is not like we want. We “geeks” set things like we want, or we use what we want.
You are right. No common sense.

I know just what a computer geek is he or she has to know every thing about what a program does at all time with ip addresses and ports out the yank yank. I am just saying to compare what you want with all the traffic info to me driving a car is no where the same. I don’t need to know how the fuel gets to the engine and in what amounts. Unlike you who wants to know how much of what is being sent on what port. I can give a rats ■■■■ what port is doing what. In fact as it is given to you only a geek can understand the information and that sounds a whole lot more like you than me!

One last thing geeks are only good for one of 3 things computer hacking and launching a missile or fixing computers. Since I don’t fix computers and I am not a hacker or planning to launch a missile. I have no need for that stuff in my life time.

Are you being intentionally funny, or are these ridiculous posts simply based of your inability to understand the word geek?

A geek is someone that not just uses a computer they say they understand how it works they even have there own computer geek talk that only other geeks understand. I myself surf the web but only a few sites and play internal games. And check e-mails. I do not want to try to understand that stuff computer geeks love to read and talk about just about every waking moment of there life.

When I use the term geek it is not meant in any derogatory sense. Quite the opposite in fact. I respect the knowledge that some people in the computing world have and let’s face it, without the “Geeks” we wouldn’t even have the security we have or any of the other software we use and/or enjoy. It is their delving into every aspect of the workings in the digital universe that make things safer and workable for the masses. Back in the 8 bit days of computing I was very much a geek. I was designing and writing my own software including utilities and games in versions of BASIC, Assembly language, and even some machine language routines. As things grew more complex and especially after the advent of Windows, what was a fun pastime became much more like tedious work and I just stopped doing it. Since the advent of Windows and graphical UI’s I have chosen to go just so far into the details behind what’s going on behind the scenes and have decided that like MJR, I don’t need to know what safe things are doing so I couldn’t care less. I just want the bad stuff either detected or prevented from doing harm and I feel that CIS6, even in it’s completely default state, does that job extremely well while staying out of the faces of people who don’t want to be bothered with the details.

Some people are saying that unless you take control of CIS and have access to all the settings, enable HIPS, make rules for everything, etc., it is a foregone conclusion that you will get infected and/or hacked. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I have said, I have been on line for 13 years now, with and without CIS, and have NEVER been infected, hacked, or had to reformat a hard drive and start from scratch due to any kind of malware. I would have gotten infected at least a dozen times however, if not for the presence of an AV. Starting with McAfee, then Norton, then Comodo, then Avast, and now back to Comodo’. The basic combination of a good AV and the default Windows Firewall is sufficient for home users 99.999% of the time, especially if the computer is behind a router.

I also use messengers, social interaction apps, online games, Java apps, bit torrent clients, flash content, UPnP, Windows Autorun, etc. In other words, the full range of the computing experience. I refuse to let the pond ■■■■ dictate what I do on my machines or make it harder to do so. So far it has worked and if I ever do get infected and have to reinstall everything as a result, big deal. I still would not change my approach.

Outgoing filtering in a firewall is something that is not necessary 99.99% of the time and that’s why Microsoft has never enabled it by default in the Windows firewall. The only time you would really need it is if you are already infected by malware that attempts to retrieve more of the same. In other words, after the cow is already out of the barn. Comodo would most likely prevent the malware from ever becoming entrenched to that level but you can leave the firewall in Safe Mode and enable the firewall alerts and only see them for unknown things if you want to feel better protected.