CIS4 on limited accounts

i have a few questions,

does CIS4 work well on limited accounts?

does CIS4 yet you edit setting while under limited accounts?

last what happens in CIS4 when a limited user gets a virus or unknown that gets sandboxed? meaning do they get prompted to run out of sandbox or does it just do it for them with out asking?

also are the settings Gobal for all accounts?

thank you

Yes CIS does work well on user accounts I am running on one as we speak. Yes CIS does let you edit settings but whatever setting/s you edit will be edited in the admin account. So for example if you was to turn off the AV in your user account then jump into a admin account using switch user and start surfing thinking that the AV is turned on in the admin account think again. The sandbox works on things that CIS thinks are unsafe it by default does it without asking, tho you will get a pop up saying so and so program is sandboxed.
I hope that helps :slight_smile:

PS when I refer to CIS I am talking about version 4 just to stop any confusion which might arise.

thank you,

can limited users change settings / shutoff CIS?

yes. u can close it from icon over the clock. but u can’t kill it from taskbar. on limited account.

If you click MORE → SETTINGS → PARENTAL CONTROLS, you can enable passwording to prevent any internal settings being changed. This section can also surpress aleets if you so choose.

Ewen :slight_smile:

if you surpress alerts does that stop sandbox alerts also or just AV and D+?

what happens when you surpress alerts? i know alerts dont show but what is done with the malware?

any input guys?

I haven’t tried the sandbox feature yet. I am in the process of installing CIS 4.0 on a new PC. Using CIS 3.14 on this PC.

You can test AV behavior with these tests:

Hope this helps.