cis12.2.2.8012 has a fatal error.

By default, my computer is working with three hard drives, two SSDs and one HDD.
When I added a fourth 1T HDD hard drive, the CIS stuck when I started the system, and double-clicking the desktop icon did not respond.
I can only delete CIS using ciscleanuptool_x64.
That is, when there are 4 hard disks in the system, the CIS has an error and cannot start work.
When I removed the 4th hard drive and reinstalled the CIS, it returned to normal.
If I use 4 hard drives at the same time, do not restart the system after installing CIS, everything is normal. If you restart the system, CIS will not start or work.

Hi squareas,

Thank you for reporting, we will reach you through private message to get required log for investigation.

Hi squareas,

Thank you for providing the requested log.

Could you share us the screenshot of Error you had ?