NO Comment! (:LGH)

okey. maybe there should be integrated some optimization tools!

  1. Search before you post :stuck_out_tongue:

My poll over it is here
What do you think will be included in CIS


Sorry about that, I did not noticed that! (:SHY) But mine is better because you have the choice of rethinking your vote!!! (:TNG)

Spam. We also do not permit user name or email harvesting on this forum.


huh ???

I do not practise offensive repeated commercial advertising! (:AGY) I think you make a mistake… (:LGH)(:WIN)

Anyway, double posting is not allowed :P0l


Yes you are right! I let the moderators decide if they feel to remove this thread yes or no …

I’ll let Josh know, topic locked for sure ;D


■■■■ you! (:AGY) I thought you would like to join me at the DEATH STAR!!! But you can forget it now (read: all the hot super models in my spaceship… (:LOV))

I pick up COMMODUS instead, he loves the DEATH STAR now!!! (:WIN)

(:SHY) (:SHY) I do want to join you, as you pay more and I can get girls without doing anything. 88)


hahaha (:LGH) COOOOOL!!! (:KWL) yeah! party!!! :BNC Death Star (-www-) … one giant discoball yeah! (:KWL)

AND You must see the hot chicks! phew… (:HUG)

I will lock this one since it is a duplicate of This one. (Original one)