CIS & YouTube - runnng videos

Just downloaded & updated to the latest version of CIS. Ran system scan for viruses & threats to system. CIS identified several items as possible Trojans & adaware & malware, so I had them removed. Did not see any that pointed to programs or software that I use regularly.
Today I linked to YouTube website to select & play several videos. But all I get is the black playbox on my monitor. Is there something I need to adjust in CIS so that I can again access my saved YouTube videos. Could not find anything in the normal CIS knowledge-base.
I’m running a laptop with WinXP-Pro-SP2&SP3. IE8. (GoogleChrome, FireFox; whatever they say is latest versions.)
BTW does CIS always default to IE browser? It is so slow & cumbersome loading. Is there any way to allow browser windows to load as whatever browser is already open (eg. Chrome or Firefox?) I have all 3.

Hello Lunaghosted,

Could you please post a screenshot of this occurance?

Also; please post a screen shot of firewall events / defense events

CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Events

CIS > Firewall > Firewall Events