CIS with BO Clean

Hi,I know Comodo BO Clean was incorporated into CIS. My question is if you just use the Comodo firewall and don’t load the AV is BO Clean running in the firewall or is it in the AV? Thanks.

It’s in D+

Defense±>Image Execution Control Settings->Detect Shellcode Injections (i.e. Buffer Overflow Protection)

Sorry LAR,

You’ve confused BOClean, with Buffer Overflow protection (SafeSurf).

The BO Clean integration made it a part of the AV.

(SafeSurf) is in D+, as Buffer Overflow protection. :wink:


So it’s not in just the firewall. Thanks Bad Frogger.

Learn something new everyday! :-TU

Me too! I thought it was the same thing. Live and learn! :wink:

“Indeed ma old fruit” :stuck_out_tongue: