CIS with ARP set under Firewall

First of all,

I have set for Cis 7 Enable Anti-APR spoofing set. Under the Firewall section.

But I am noticing That Network Intrusions: Keeps says 1 and sometimes 2. < That is seen on the front Menu where you see other Icons I.E. Last Updated etc. However sometimes it does not say anything under Network Intrusions.

Therefore I thought I report it anyway. The info of what I do see is below.

So when I look at the view log it shows me (Date/Time), then (Application) Windows Operating System (Action) Blocked (Target) In (Protocol) ARP (Source IP) shows < That is my Router Address (Source Port) Blank (Destination IP)

So what I am thinking is Anti-APR Blocking my Router ?

So if you think it is, then tell me? If yes How do I work around keeping Anti-APR active, by setting my router IP to be Allowed In CIS 7 instead of it Blocked.

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I fixed the topic title, it now correctly states ARP. Eric

I certainly precisely don’t know.
Itself I didn’t check.
But I can assume that if only URL filtration in 7 beta. ???

Thanks Jenny66, Maybe it’s that, but I guess we will know soon :slight_smile:

Edit: I Removed my last info on Speedtest since it was going off topic, However there an issue somewhere on my Connection. but I will know more since I provided information on my last 2 posts.

Nige_39, I’m curious if you were to change the ip of the system that is blocking the ARP request to an ip outside of your DHCP range if this would stop the request.

Hi worldwidewiretap, I understand what you mean, However I have a Static IP, and for me to change the IP is rebooting Router, Or disabling my LAN.

So with what your saying, it may still not work.

On the New RC version of CIS 7.0.312140.4101 Also this happened on Last version of CIS 7.0.308911.4080

The APR is still blocking my Router IP.

Screen shot below.

Capture 3 Info > Taken from View Logs Today
Capture 4 Info > Taken from View Logs inside CIS
Capture 5 Info > Taken from Front Menu of CIS

So after looking at this info shown. Should I Uncheck APR or Leave it Checked, according to Chiron Guide.

Also on Capture 5 That is what shows up to now on Network Intrusions

Hope this helps



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Since I have done my last post with details

The Network Intrusions has jumped from 2, to 10

So at current it shows 10 Network Intrusions and under View Logs it shows the same info like Capture 3 in my last post

Also Capture 4 shows 20 Network activities blocked. At this present time, like info shown in my last post.


New Updated

It now shows 30 Network Intrusions Blocked Like shown on Capture 5 and it has to other IP address shown, and the 6 look like my ISP.

So Now Under CIS View Logs 40 Network activities blocked like shown on Capture 4

Last updated shown by Last Edit

Have same problem but with different IP (my computer IP is and im only connected to my network).
In attachment are logs.

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