cis win 7 64bit

i have win 7 64 bit and installed CIS but only the firewall and I installed in the folder called Program Files x86 (64bit I think) instead of Program Files would like to know if this would be a problem. do you think i should uinstall it and reinstall in the Program Files which I think is 32 bit folder please respond thanks

I think you need to download the 64 version of CIS and it will be installed in the program files folder not the program files(X86) folder as it is a 64 bit program.

No matter with the folder name. The program files folder 32 or x86 is only for identify the software in the convenience way.

I installed CIS in other partition called “Program” and it is work fine for me.

Can you check the name of the installer and see if it is the 64 bits version.There was a problem, not sure if it is fixed, with the download from the website where people requesting the 64 bits version would get the 32 bits version.

WHen you got the 32 bits version get the 64 bits version in COMODO Internet Security 3.13.121240.574 Released!.