CIS VTROOT Folder Disappeared After Containment Event

The hidden VTROOT folder disappeared (yes show hidden is selected) after a CIS alert. When trying to run WindowSpyBlocker, CIS was triggered and I clicked run in containment. There was a green outline around the program window and the window quickly disappeared. The UI of CIS showed contained apps was 0, so I wondered where it went. As a matter of habit, I reset the container. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that the VTROOT folder was missing. Running diagnostics showed no errors, so the repair function would not proceed. Do I need to reinstall over top of existing install or uninstall-reinstall? Or is there an easier solution?

Edit: Sorry, I think I figured out that VTROOT is not supposed to show up unless containment is in use. Something I had forgotten in the wee hours of late night after spending many hours (few days) upgrading a resistant and hobbled Windows OS to the latest version and trying Windows Privacy Dashboard this time instead of Shut Up 10.

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Thank you for reporting, from the above post we understood that your issue is solved isn’t it ?
If you have any issue, kindly let us know.


Just to note, the folder gets deleted when you run the reset containment task.

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Thank you for reporting, we will check and update you.


Yes, thank you COMODO RT.

Thanks for the reminder. As they used to say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I just plain forgot.

Hi, sorry for my poor English.
MHO, for what it concerns the existence of the VTRoot Folder:
there can be some problems, similar to those caused by the protection of I.Explorer, when a suspicious file is downloaded.
If you verify the VTRoot Folder and those to his inside with the relative Files “for any reason”, can happen that the maximum length of the PATH is great of that correctly managed by the System Windows (255 Bytes).
This in as for the original PATH are added other 23 Bytes (VTRoot\HarddiskVolumeN).
Example: if in AppData\Roaming\Some_Application_Name\Profiles\ETC
we have a path along 250 characters (Bytes), adding the 23 Bytes of (VTRoot\HarddiskVolumeN) we overcome the maximum length managed by the System and this in some operations (Backup of the Disk or others) can involve some critical errors.

I don’t know if were possible, but the 23 Bytes could perhaps be decreased to 12 reducing partly the probability that this happens.

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We will check and report this to the team.
May I know your cis and win Version?


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thanks for your reply.
I am using WIn. 7 Prof and CIS Prof. v.

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