CIS vs. Valorant (Riot Vanguard)

I use CIS. And today I wanted to try playing Valorant (a quite popular Riot game as you may know).
That got Riot Vanguard (their anti-cheat software) silently installed.
And without any messages or warnings this Vanguard (no doubt created by highly skilled professionals) blocked something I believe is connected to CIS.
I discovered this by chance - when I discovered the Vanguard itself in sys tray and clicked on it.

Vanguard has blocked the following file from loading on your system: * '\Device\HarddiskVolume6\Windows\System32\drivers\isedrv.sys' To disable Vanguard, please right-click on the Vanguard notification icon and select "Exit Vanguard". NOTE: This will put your system in an untrusted state. You will have to restart in order to play games that depend on Vanguard's functionality.
The Internet claims that isedrv.sys was created for CIS. So... Maybe you can contact Riot and help them stop being unreasonable? Or did I get it wrong and isedrv.sys is actually not connected to CIS?

P.S. CIS itself did not show any warnings or messages (it is in silent mode though). It seems to be working fine as usual.

isedrv is for Internet Security Essentials which does get installed if you do not un-check it during installation of CIS. If you have no use for ISE you can remove it as it is a standalone application.

But in any case I think it’s not right that this anti-cheat software blocks it. Maybe someone needs to look onto this…

Unfortunately Anti-cheat malware rootkits have an increasing tendency to dictate what you can not run on your computer in addition to already spying on you.
Your best bet is to avoid this kind of games or see if you can configure yourself around it, or find other ‘solutions’.