CIS vs CAV vs CFW - Comparison table anywhere?

Is there a comparison table anywhere, or has anyone ever done a detailed comparison? I think all three have the sandboxing, which is probably the main thing people want. Like many others, I used to just use CFW as the AV was a bit heavier, but that seems to have improved with v12. So now I am thinking of switching to CAV, as I am not sure I need firewall protection beyond windows firewall.

I hope there is a comparison table somewhere so I can see what CAV and CFW is missing versus the full CIS suite.

There is this but it mostly shows the differences between the paid versions. CAV is AV without firewall, while CFW is firewall without AV, and CIS has both AV and firewall. All three should have sandbox, file rating, virusscope, HIPS and the web-filter.