CIS virus database not updating

I have windows 10, CIS ver virus ver 32030. When I try to update the antivirus in the CIS screen it states the following error “download website database error” the error is unspecified. Do you know where I can download and import the virus database. Could you provide a permanent link where one can always find updates for the antivirus database for future errors of this nature thanks

It should be a short lived error, but you’ll find the download here: AV Databse

Hello Grail,

Thank you for reporting.
It’s an temporary issue so Could you please reboot your PC and check (or) else if it still persists in the sense don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Same to me, windows 7 CIS ver antivirus database ver 32798, downloaded and tried to install base.cav from your recommendations, ver 5.8, CIS says “install signatures” error" “There is a bad version in the file”. Your solution please?

I was living with this error for about 4 or 5 days until I decided to uninstall Comodo and reinstall it. It was then able to update to the latest database/definition without error. Could not resolve it manually, even by following the threads on how to accomplish this.

It’s not an temporary issue. I got the carbon-copy of this issue right now with all of your suggestions. Please help me if you can.

I have a similar issue, but hibernate is not involved. it adamantly refuses to install the current CAV file… when I try the manual method, it says there is a version mismatch error in the file and it keeps trying to DL the 449 version and not the 511 version, even though the latest full update is 510.

is there a redundant copy of the old file in the download cache? if so, it needs to be removed. I had the same problem with another app a year ago and that was the issue.

I split your post as your issue is completely different from the other topic.

The current installed AV signatures database is located in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\signatures with a .cav file extension, when updating using the update task, the incremental db updates are saved to C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\wpTemp\cavsedb. You can try deleting those and try updating again.

I made a post in a similar thread. a “supposed” fix was posted. the sugested fix DOES NOT work and I find it rude that my original post was deleted before receiving confirmation regarding success or failure!

despite cleaning out the folders where the CAV is supposed to update from AND wiping the temp folder, the CAV still fails to install after 90%.

and the cav that should be in the signatures folder isn’t there.

It wasn’t deleted it was split and merged into an existing topic, now you can try to do a full re-install to see if it helps.

I did the whole re-install with full update twice “before” posting and attempted a manual import 3 times.

The about page shows the correct DB version, but the app adamantly insists that its out of date and tries to pull down 33449 instead of the current file. It seems to be stuck on that file version and clearing the windows temp/cache file folder doesn’t seem to help.

This same issue also breaks virus scanning. This is not the first time this error has shown up, but it has been a long while since the last time I saw it.

I can’t recall l how it was resolved. I think you guys had to issue a fix or something.

Make sure you have not edited your host file to use the beta server or using the beta IP address under proxy and host settings and did you use the official cleanup tool when you uninstalled? Download and open and report what it says for MaxAvailVersion=

I don’t touch the proxy and host file settings