CIS v6 - Security for the Masses

Glad to say im one of the mass.
Excellent product and is getting better and virtualization is definately the right way to go.
Bravo comodo and thank you. :-TU

Yes Melih, that was your vision from the start, free security for the world when there was no money to pay, so many less unsecured computers transmitting malware to others.

You now have the product that provides that without the user having the knowledge to answer frequent alerts, so congratulations on achieving your dream.

Default Deny from Comodo is the best way to protect your system. Geek people know that. Comodo is bullet-proof security. Keep up the good work and never stop! :-TU

I consider v6 a milestone in the development of making CIS more accessible for the non tech users.

I am very much looking forward how the new set perimeter will be further filled in and worked out. Version is also the beginning of more things to come… The future is bright… 8) (:KWL)

I agree with what Melih syas. You can’t just make stuff for “Geeks” You have to consider the novices.

Great Melih!
Thank you for transmitting to your Community, this important message.

Speaking as someone who could be a geek but has chosen to join the “masses”, I agree wholeheartedly with this new direction for CIS. It can only, (and already has from what I’ve seen), result in wider acceptance and usage. Yes there are a few quirks to iron out but like was said, v6 is a milestone achievement. The more people who accept and use the product, the more safe and secure the overall computing experience should become. Congratulations are in order for Melih and the entire development team.

Your products are great no doubt but there are still some improvements that would propel this suite to even greater popularity and acceptance like an effective Web shield/Anti phishing.Incompatibilities with sandboxed browsers now make it impossible to use Macafee site advisor or if I use CIS firewall with another AV like not compatible with Bitdefender AV no browsers worked period and with Norton Av no toolbar or site advisor works in sandboxed browser mode.I have no problem paying for what I want in a security suite.Purchasing CIS 2012 was a great decision it cleaned up my system after another security suite failed to protect me.I am only pointing out room for improvement that could make like everybody want this on their system but keep the advanced options for geeks like me.I use HIPs in safe mode along with behavior blocker and enhanced protection mode.See like in my case I use a shared computer and I can not get other people to take security seriously so they do not use the sandboxed browser,etc.I believe I am right that it is better to block something before it gets on my system at the Network level.I am running Bitdefender right now which I would love to run with Comodo Firewall if I could.Just like I really like Comodo Dragon Browser but not supported by a lot of other AV’s which I wish it was .Bitdefender is one of the few that I found that supports Comodo Dragon and Macafee site advisor Compatibility would be a great add on for Comodo Dragon.Comodo CIS is possibly the best protection available paid or free but keep improving.I would prefer to run a seperate AV with your firewall but now it is harder to do that.

Melih bey, COMODO’yu yıllardır severek kullanıyorum! fakat CIS v6 sürümünde türkçe dil dosyasında birçok kelime hatası yapılmış ,sırf bu yüzden eski sürüme geri döndüm. Kararlı bir sürümün kontrol edilmeden piyasaya sürülmesi bana biraz garip geldi.

Please speak English in this part of the board.

For the courtesy of our users I ran your post through an online translator:

Mr. Melih, using COMODO’yu fondly for years! CIS v6 version of the Turkish language file error, but made ​​many words, so I just went back to the old version. Without controlling the release of a stable version was a bit strange to me.

i realy like cis…

im just waiting for some improvements in cis6 interface so i can switch…

The new version 6 is very disappointing. I’m a computer repair technician that’s stood behind Comodo for years and recommended it to many, now, unhappy customers. I’m also a programmer and I’m appalled at the bugs this was released with. The recent version has got me seriously questioning the quality of your products and I can no longer recommend them. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, thinking the big issues will disappear after a few updates, but over a month and no change whatsoever.

can you pls identify the issues so that we can address it.

I don’t see any serious bugs at all.

“Problem solved” :smiley:

Where did I say that? I didn’t say no issues, I said no serious bugs.

Bug like in “not safe like intended”.

And usually some people find bugs. Otherwise they would have been fixed while programming. Sometimes million people use something, until one person finds something. (Kernel linux… example).

This version of CIS is insanely good. It still gives me some popups I don’t like to see, but in terms of proctection, resource usage, features, all for free… It’s incredbile! :-TU

Where did I say that? I didn't say no issues, I said no serious bugs.
Er I think he was being sarcastic, it's something we do in the UK (and other places) don't worry about it.

and more on topic my V5.0 is still saying that there are no updates available, well into March now!