CIS v6 and Trusteer Rapport

I’ve just upgraded to CIS v6 - well done developers and thank you!

I’m wondering whether I still need to run Trusteer Rapport or whether CIS v6 now protects me from everything that Rapport does?

I’m asking because I’d like to switch browsers to Comodo Dragon but Rapport doesn’t support Dragon.

So my question is; do I need Rapport for anything now I have CIS v6?

Thank you - and Happy New Year!

You are talking about virtual kiosk? It protects you from the keyloggers but it won’t protect you against everything like Rapport.

Let’s look at what Rapport does…

Secures against Man-in-the-Browser and Man-in-the-Middle attacks: Virtual kiosk does protect (I think)

Protects against credential and personal information theft: Virtual kiosk don’t protect

Prevents malware infection, removes existing malware: Virtual kiosk does protect

Stops phishing of login credentials and payment card data: Virtual kiosk don’t protect

Notifies fraud teams of threat activity: Virtual kiosk don’t protect

Mobile out-of-band secure authentication and account lockdown: Virtual kiosk don’t protect

Use IE for Rapport don’t use Chrome.

I just want to mention that from my understanding the Virtual Kiosk, along with CIS, does prevent malware infection and remove existing malware. That said, Trusteer Rapport would probably be a good addition as well.

And is there nothing that Comodo can do to get Rapport to support Dragon? Or vice-versa?

That I’m not sure of. You may need to report it to Rapport to see if they are willing to add support for Dragon.

Sent to Trusteer today using the feedback section of their website:

I am requesting that you consider supporting the Comodo Dragon browser with Rapport.

Comodo’s goal is the same as yours; protecting users online, so there is excellent synergy between your products. Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium, as I understand it Dragon IS Chrome but with the Google “spyware” removed and additional security features added. I can’t imagine that there’s a huge amount of work involved since Rapport already supports Chrome.

Comodo’s recent upgrade of their Internet Security product (CIS v6) allows me to run my browsers in a fully virtualized sandbox completely protecting my PC from attack. If Rapport supported Comodo Dragon I would have access to the most secure browsing experience possible. This seems like a win-win for you, Comodo and for your joint customers. Please give it serious consideration. Happy New Year!