CIS v5x - CLOBBERS Daemon Tools

The new Comodo v5 prevents D-tools from running. I suspect it has something to do with the SPTD driver but can’t verify that one way or another. There are no errors when trying to run it and nothing shows up under the Event Viewer as a problem - it simply doesn’t run.

After reinstalling CIS v4x everything worked again as expected. My version of D-tools is quite old but never had an issue running on either 64 or 32 bit systems. I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem with a newer version and whether you are using the freeware or paid?

Running win7_x64 with D-Tools Lite v4.35x, SPTD v1.62

Please have a look at this sticky here. , and follow the link.

In fact Daemon tools can be run by excluding it fully from BO protection. Details in the link.

Am transferring to help in case you need any more guidance

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Thanks for the information, it was exactly what I needed to get it running. :smiley: :-TU