CIS v4 Promo Video

Internet Security Redefined


Loving the “Promo Vid”, nice effort… :-TU

so, according to this video (that doesn’t show much btw ;D ), the final will be already out in February…leaving just three or four weeks for beta testing , I mean actual “publicly available” beta testing ???

Well, that will be to soon, I guess the beta is coming in februari ?


well the video mentions a final release in February ??? they wouldn’t mention a beta in a promotional video would they ;D

It literally says : coming in februari 2010. They don’t mention a stable version… but that’s what they should be doing…


Thanks Melih,
Nice Video, i wanted to try CIS 4 beta version, so please release beta version as early as possible.
I m sure many people waiting for it patiently

where can I get an early downloads or an release canadate download

Not publicly out yet.

Mods…shouldn’t this be in the CIS section? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea… so many boards ;D. Let’s keep it here.


You just say that because of the person who posted it. ;D


Sure looks fun. Pitty it only tells about Sandbox and it leaves out all the other benefits of CIS