CIS v3 or CIS v4 Which one do you like best?

CIS v3 or CIS v4 Which one do you like best?


My one and only problem with V4 is that there are still a few problems being discovered with the sandbox, but these will be fixed quickly.

It’s in Comodo’s best interest to create a product that is easy to use and keeps a system clean. They are getting closer with every release. I have full confidence in their ability to accomplish this lofty goal.

If you’re gonna post a thread like this you should give your opinion, your explanation. Otherwise it sounds like flaming. Why do you ask this question?

Start with OP’s forum’s nick :wink: …Who would use the profile with such a nice nick >:-D

Note that “verbal diarrhea” is a self-made neologism.

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This being said, the strange behavior of v4 as it is related (i don’t use it), might lead one not to ask a question in terms of preferences, but to actually compare the pro and con of each version.

Then probably i mistook :-\

Took awhile before I switched to version 4 but I eventually did. Infact it seems no different than version 3.14 imho.

Note: I only installed firewall only and I have sandbox disabled so it’s pretty much like version 3.

The only decent firewall I have seen from Comodo was a brick wall with a Comodo sign hanging on it. It did stop the fire from getting in my garden…

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So you live very close to a Comodo sign on the wall?

Yes the one next to the bridge I own…You Know the Troll And Bridge thing…A troll has got to make a living somehow.

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CIS v4 would be better if it didn’t have the sandbox and the bad default global firewall rules. Seeing that it does have those in the default installation, I would have to vote for v3.

I would’ve liked CIS 4 if it was like CIS 3 with better GUI and better alerts. NO sandbox. And maybe some innovation with TreatCast (optional)

ThreatCast is optional, just don’t sign up for it. Or, alternately, cancel joining the Threatcast Community from More/Settings/Threatcast tab.

Not saying one is better than the other… I just would have preferred if comodo’s sandbox was more traditional, Like sandboxie.

I agree with you but that would be a whole other program in itself. Can you imagine how big an undertaking that would be? We Comodo users are VERY demanding, and VERY impatient. See my point? :wink:

I just hope we can prove to lock down the SB that we already have.

and v3.14 is the one to stay here (XP Pro 32bit & win 7 x64) even without further updated/improvements
anyway as I can see reading – some users (many?) are reverting to 3.14

+1 to “NO sandbox” again
and the Threat Cast was practically always disabled after testing. I cannot see it being helpful service.

And SandBoxie is the one to use because that’s a real Sand Box compare to the full of holes “limiter” or whatever users are calling it.
SandBoxie is extremely strong … and the limitations (some inevitable escapes) are known for the systems with the MS PatchGuard
What else one would want … instead of perfect Software (Comodo Firewall) being crippled by Comodo’s “SB” & providing false sense of security?


Well said and I totally agree!

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