CIS v3.14.130099.587 update problem

G’day all,

I’ve been away from my PC for nearly 4 months and I didn’t know that Comodo has release v4.0.138377.779, I’m still using just the Firewall and the Defence+ in v3.14.130099.587 when I went to the Comodo miscellaneous section and click on the check for update.

My comodo saying their is no latest version of v4.0.138377.779 am I doing something wrong or is the comodo update server is not release the latest version. IF so do I have to uninstall my comodo v3.14.130099.587 and install the latest version, and is it okay IF I can load my own backup firewall profile settings from the manage my configurations sections because I don’t want to re-setup my firewall all over again.

Thank you.

You didn’t do anything wrong. Comodo is just late in the v3 to v4 update process. If you want to jump to v4 now, yes will need to uninstall v3 as a lot of the structure and configs have changed. For one, by default no rules will be created for safe apps. I’ve seen other mods have mentioned the configs are unfortunately incompatible, typical of major version transitions.

SH%T! Thanks for the heads up I knew this would happen also is comodo going to plan and allow user to up date their old v3 to v4 before I might start planning to uninstall my old comodo version.

OR! Has comodo v4 has a better firewall and D+ strength than my current version of CIS v3.14.130099.587, If the firewall and D+ hasn’t change in their latest version how long should I stay on my current version. etc etc

As Egemen stated when CIS 4 was released, it will eventually be possible to update v3 to v4 (using the internal updater, I presume).

As for your second question, I may be the wrong person to ask after having found some bugs of my own…the Sandbox is the main reason for the version change, with more features to come in the future. It seems that most users like v4 due to almost no alerts, but some advanced users find this and other changes alarming. You’d best test it out yourself to see what you prefer.

the latest version is better ,if you didn’t like the sandbox idea you can with two clicks go back to the old proactive that you have before , and even better , I just installed it on my father’s machine and I got absolutely no alert , even though my configuration is set to proactive security, except those from svchost that it wants to recieve a connection , else , nothing much to say … you Rock V4 >:-D

Thanks for the extra feedback, I have two more question before I make my final choice to go ahead with v4 platform.

  1. Does anybody have any further issue or problem with the latest firewall and D+ in the latest Comodo v4 software.

  2. Please check me - I can still have the latest v4 comodo firewall and D+ etc etc, without installing the sandbox option. ??? ???

Thank you.

It is running quietly and with no problems for me. It will tell you if it sandboxes something (or rather lets it run with few permissions as of now) and you can then choose to allow that program to run as normal next time if you trust it.

Apart from that there are remarkably few alerts.

The sandbox is part of Defense+ and will be installed, however you have an option to disable it if you wish.

  1. I do here, but I can only type for myself; I don’t know if others experience the same since no one ever replied to my basic question

  2. Yes. In fact, there should be a guide (in the making ???) somewhere to show step-by-step on how to replicate v3 state.

Soyabeaner found out, as posted in the mentioned topic, this to be the result of deleting files in the installation folders (that used to work with v3 without a problem).

2. Yes. In fact, there should be a guide (in the making ???) somewhere to show step-by-step on how to replicate v3 state.

Was an improvement made with The AV engine in V4? Thanks

From the release notes:

IMPROVED! Antivirus Engine Antivirus engine is improved for better detection and cleaning. The new engine now has disinfection support for the infected files. A new command line virus scanner (cavscan.exe) has been introduced in order to address the need for scanning the computers in windows safe mode or scanning files transferred from MSN etc.
It also is less draining resources when updating the av database.