CIS v. Secure Shopping error clavier


Still not correcting the azerty keyboard problem, it is unusable with secure shopping
Already mentioned here:;msg904489#msg904489


Applies also to the virtual keyboard in the virtual desktop I think.

It is unusable in France because the keyboard proposed by SS is in QWERTY
Pity ???

Not to mention the other keyboard layouts used in other parts of the world I guess.

If Secure Shopping is only for English, then other countries are not good for the key layout
How to best protect if the virtual keyboard cannot be used ?
Example for entering a code at a bank ?

That’s quite a lot keyboard layouts.
I think implementing the top 3 of most used keyboard layouts in the world would be a good step forward.

Using Secure shopping without the virtual keyboard due to improper layout (qwerty-azerty) decreases security in relation to keyloggers
For example when connecting to a bank where you have to enter the password, in my case it’s not worth it because in Azerty keyboard