CIS Updates with ToolWiz Time Freeze

Hello people,

I’m just about to give Time Freeze a go which is obviously a software similar to Shadow Defender except it doesnt allow exceptions for things like CIS AV updates although i quite like having no holes.

So with regards to CIS updates when using TF i figure i have 2 options.

  1. I turn off all CIS auto updates.

If i do this will CIS give me balloon alerts that updates are available OR can i easily see any warnings in the CIS control panel that updates are needed without doing to much looking for all 3 CIS system updates ?

  1. I keep CIS updates turned to automatic and just let Time Freeze wipe the slate clean after a session taking any CIS updates with it.

In this case after CIS has updated in VM mode the update files will be removed on rebooting/closing Time Freeze, but will CIS now work out that i need updating after the update files have been removed ?

Thanks for any help


  1. AFAIK CIS won’t give you balloon messages that all its modules are not updated for too long.

  2. CIS won’t right now update after leaving the Frozen Mode of TF. It will update all its modules according to its settings, however old its state will be.