CIS Updater

Tired of always saying “yes” to updates, just do it please and stop bothering me.

same for me :;'(

There hasn’t been updates. Comodo has been in 5.8.213334.2131 for two week.
check here.

Maybe it’s definition files, either way is there a way to not be asked?

It doesn’t ask to update virus definitions. Those are automatic.


So what am I being asked to update then?

the program

That’s what I thought!

Great firewall but can I stop it from bugging me about updates.

(third time I have asked this question now)

Hi Renal,
If you are getting constant program update notices please try the workaround by following the instructions found here.
Also going to More, About will show what version you have installed.

Unfortunately that file has the exact same attributes, so I doubt it will work.

The reason I came to comodo was because it was (what I thought) was a less annoying system, but alas that is not the case.

The problem is unfortunate but I think the suggested workaround is worth trying in case of some unforeseen corruption in the file is present.
You have nothing to lose except for a few minutes of time.

I have no problem with it and alot of others don’t have a problem with it. So try the suggestions.