CIS Update with Firefox


I am using CIS 3.5. When I go to Miscellaneous/check for updates the updater opens OK with a note that the updater uses Internet Eplorer. Clicking start results in the message “Error 108: please check your Internet Connection Settings”

My internet connections are fine. However, I do not use Internet Explorer. I always use Firefox. What adjustments do I need to make, and to what? :-[


Hi Haddingley, and welcome :slight_smile:

I have had a sniff around the forum here and there have been numerous posts concerning error 108 when updating. Some seem to indicate that this is due to heavy server load, other posts imply that there might be an issue locally (specifically with the updater itself) and that this might be resolved with a re-install or fresh copy of the current version of CIS.

Give it a few moments, then try again. If you still get error 108you might want to try updating the whole show, preferably from the CIS d/l page.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

I take it that even though you use FF, you still have IE installed?

Do you use proxy???

If yes, Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>Connection

Click Import proxy settings from IE and ensure that ‘use http proxy’ is clicked

BTW, 3.5 is much older version. I doubt whether the updater still supports a regular update, because AFAI remember, 3.5 to 3.8 updating was done using two stage update and then the entire virus database or program was changed or re-written. The virus update of older versions were stopped and some changes were also introduced in 3.10 version etc.

I shall recommend a clean install in this case, though it is a big installer (some 72 Mb or like), to ensure a properly working CIS.

Hi Hadingly,

I had the same problem with getting “Error 108” using Firefox although I didn’t get a message about IE. I updated to the latest CIS and no longer get that error.

What I did find when I was using the earlier version, however, is that I could still update the earlier version if I accessed the “Comodo\Repair” folder and ran cfpupdat.exe from there. I have no idea why it worked when used from the repair folder. I copied it to the Comodo Firewall folder (can’t remember the exact name as I am using Linux at the moment) and I got Error 108 again. As far as I could tell both cfpupdat,exe files are identical, so it is a mystery to me why it worked from the “Repair” folder and not from the “Miscellaneous\Update” window or from the main Comodo folder

Best thing is to do a clean install of CIS without importing an old configuration.

When using the AV beware that the initial update of the av database is a big one (approx 40 MB) and may last quite a while. The progress indicator will stay at 30% for considerable time.

Hi, and thanks everyone.

I have uninstalled the old program and installed the latest one. It will now happily check for program updates.

However, the first virus signature update is giving a lot of trouble. As EricJH said, it staid on 30% for a very long time - over two hours and showing no sign of stopping. So I checked the status report from my modem and noticed that there were hundreds of errors in the transmission. In fact, it seemed as if every packet was faulty.

Any ideas about that please?

Thanks a million.

Do these transmission errors only happen when updating CIS? Or do they also happen when surfing when the updater was running? Why do I ask? When surfing was funky as well that may indicate a connection problem.