CIS Update V's Virus DB Update [RESOLVED]

Since installing CIS 3.8 , it seems that updating the virus db has stopped working again (via proxy). I’ve entered the following details into the proxy section:-




and “import from IE…” option but still no joy :(.

Updating CIS itself has always worked via proxy so I’m wondering why virus db can’t be updated the same.


Btw, is the proxy setting in CIS for CIS updates and/or virus DB updates?


Nobody else having problem behind a proxy? Could one of the developers confirm that the “proxy section” works with a configuration script? (entered manually and/or imported from IE).



Having a hostname that does not resolve to an ip address will also lead to a 5% update.
If i put the ip and port on it it does work, we don’t have an authenticated proxy, so I’m not able to test that fast.

Can you ask your systems administrator to have a look at the proxy logging to see if authentication fails on some point ? Maybe it’s missing the domain name ?


That did it, thanks :-TU. I’m sure I tested this previously, although this may have been on the initial release of 3.8. Thanks Ronny :Beer.